Greg Himmelbrand wins the Mid-States Poker Tour Maryland Live

The last week brought together the best poker players in the United States, as the Mid-States Poker Tour Maryland Live took place. 6d53ec072dLike any major competition, this tournament spanned over a couple of days and was preceded by side competitions that have lower buy-ins.

For some players, this represented an excellent opportunity to work for the main event, while others regarding these tournaments are their only chance of making a name for themselves.

Among those who participate in more than one tournament was Greg Himmelbrand, a player who is quite familiar with major competitions.

Obviously, he was anxiously waiting for the main event, which had a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000. 25% of this total amount was supposed to go to the winner, unless the finalists would prefer to split the pot according to their stacks.

This is usually what happens but it was not the case here, because by the time three handed play began the leader had a significant advantage over the pack.

Himmelbrand started the day with the biggest stack and he never faltered, taking full advantage of his edge over the pack. Aggressive poker helped him push around opponents and one by one they succumbed to pressure, setting the stage for an epic confrontation.

Blake Bohn put up quite a fight and he was the one to call the elimination of three players at the final table, but in the end he was sent to the rail in the third-place.

He took home almost $25,000 and left Justin Liberto to lock horns with Greg for the trophy and the first prize. These two players knew each other quite well as both of them are East Coast grinders that spend a lot of time in land-based casinos.

Since gambling over the Internet is prohibited in the United States, these tournaments represent the highlight of the year for poker professionals.

At this time, he had a slight advantage over the runner-up and things could've ended up very differently, but luckily for Greg, luck didn't desert him when he needed it most. Justin didn't go home empty-handed and $43,000 is not an amount to frown upon, but the winner got all the glory and a paycheck of nearly $73,000.

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