Wrap-up The Summer Festival at Cheeky Bingo

This summer was great for bingo players, but even the best things eventually end, with September just around the corner and also approaching quickly. cheekylogoNEW

There is nothing that we can do to avoid or even postpone Fall, but bingo casino players who have an account with Cheeky Bingo can at least take advantage of the final promotion. It goes by the name of Summer Festival and it will conclude on August 28.

This campaign is in full swing and it actually started on August 8, so time is of the essence for those who are not already enrolled. Anyone can participate and the good thing is that even if you are late to the party you have the same chances as those who are already participating. Action starts on Sunday at 8 PM and there is one bingo room that players should frequently they hope to win mini jackpots and other prizes.

Cheeky Kiss is the place to be over the weekend and the online gambling operator has announced that the bingo jackpot currently stands at €250. Money is just the tip of the iceberg because players also have the chance to win various branded merchandise, ranging from sleeping bags and waterproof jackets to pop-up tents and water coolers.


Other cash prizes consist of €100, which would represent the right amount of spending money for those who plan to take a short trip over the weekend.

One of the only have to pay two cents to purchase a bingo ticket that makes him or her eligible for this competition. The jackpots are progressive, so assuming nobody wins the amount at first, the prize will go up increasingly faster as more participants get aboard. Cheeky Bingo will make sure that the merchandise won by players will reach its destination, but it can’t guarantee for the damage occurring on the road.

It is of critical importance that players provide the correct information regarding the address, so make sure you double check the data. It is not possible to acquire more than 96 bingo tickets, with this limits being enforced, so that highrollers won’t have an unfair advantage over regular players who can only afford to purchase a few tickets.

Assuming several players win the first prize, the jackpot will be split equally among them at the same goes for the aforesaid gear.