5Dimes thrives in South Africa

5Dimes is on the more ambitious operators, who hope to leave their mark worldwide and appeal to customers from all continents. There also one of the online casinos that have a strong presence in South Africa and they plan on growing it despite the new obstacles.

Local legislators are contemplating the possibility of a complete ban on online casinos, as they are slowly but surely succumbing to local lobby.

The Casino Association of South Africa is the most active group in this regard also the one that tries to force the way of legislators. They brought up the subject of the industry gross income on 2015, which seems to be on the rise after the recent measures were announced. South Africans enjoy playing casino games from the comfort of their home, but they are also willing to travel to land-based casinos.

This is why the competition is so intense these days and both industries are trying to make sure that they will get the upper hand over their counterparts. In the previous fiscal year, the contribution made by brick-and-mortar casinos to the national budget was significant, with an increase of almost 5%. Things promise to be even better in 2016 and beyond, if the online casino ban proposed by CASA is going to be enforced by legislators.

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At the same time, the online casinos are generating a healthy stream of revenue and these industry has the potential to grow even faster. 5Dimes is one of the international operators that abide by local laws, therefore they are in complete accord with national legislation. They also go to great lengths to make sure that sensitive issues such as gambling addiction are taken care of, to ensure the ultimate gaming environment for their customers.

The South African government is focused mostly on maximizing the revenue stream, so they need to make a decision regarding the proposed bill. For relatively long period of time, consumers decreased spending on items that were regarded as nonessential and gambling was among them. This resulted in a decrease of revenue and casino Association of South Africa to can advantage of the situation to blame it all on online casinos.

Now that things have finally picked up and the players have returned to both land-based and online casinos, it is simply a matter of competition. South Africa’s government will probably reach a decision only 2016, and things could go either way.